TitlemyWMS JIS
Project id.10
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent required for this software
Description of the innovation projectMyWMS JIS is the Warehouse Management System solution that manages in an efficient and integrated way the flow of goods,supported by portable devices, barcodes and RF and RFID systems. The JIS feature guarantees the full synchronization of material flows between the internal production and the warehouses in subservience to the production, having full traceability. It allows a continuous improvement and ensures that inward and outward processes are performed in the correct order, with the right materials at the right time. The use of 'Just In Sequence mode' allows you to sync the operations, minimizing wastage.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationAutomotive, Transport and Logistic
Market segmentmyWMS JIS has been developed for companies of all sizes that require optimal saturation of all areas and the discouragement of wastes in the different stages of production / logistics process. It allows to achieve an increase in productivity and high quality standards
Advantage factor1) Identification systems through the management of the barcode: 2) Data collection through the use of wireless devices. 3) Realtime monitoring of goods handled Control of all warehouse activities 4) Full traceability of products. 5) Optimal management of spaces, thanks to the warehouse mapping 6)Automatic tasks generation and distribution based on rules and priority levels. 7)“Paperless” system: all the operations do not require paper.
Commercial challengeThe use of 'Just In Sequence mode' allows to sync the operations, minimizing wastage. Pay per Use or Licencing - Business Model
Publications and Customer ReferecesOperating in a critic economic context, it is crucial be culturally and technologically different. The business challenge is to fulfill the requirements and meet the expectations of customers by providing high-level experts in the industry. myWMS JIS is installed in FIAT (FCA) and in MASERATI