NameIndustrial Plants Consultants Srl


Project id.100
Reference sectorMECHATRONICS
IP Protection LevelPatented.
Description of the innovation projectThe present tech solution relates to a control valve for industrial applications. Standard geometry for industrial control valve is vertical and requires a considerable height in perpendicular direction to the relative pipe. In actual control valve the Rangeability is limited. The proposed solution provides a fluid control system for industrial use with compact and axial geometry. Aimed faciliting plant pipeline design and devices installation. Another innovation is to provide a system of flow regulation for industrial use with a fault detection system. Thanks to digital control technology the proposed valve will allow extended rangeability.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe digivalve is a control valve for industrial applications, suitable for the regulation of the flows or pressures of fluid, both liquid and gaseous. At the state of the art, the control of the flow is done by throtting of the flow section, obtained by the linear and continuous movement of an plug through devices called actuators. To be operated by an actuator of modulating type, which produces a finite stroke for a corresponding finite variation of signal. The digivalve is constituted by a plurality of valves of different size of ​​smaller footprint and easier installation configured in such a way that all the plugs move in axial direction. Minimizing in this way dimensions of the actual control valves. The digivalve also is able to adapt its characteristic to continue to function under fault condition even after the malfunction of one of its valves.
Market segmentDigivalve is for control valves for industrial applications. Digivalve has a value between 20.000 and 60.000 euro and potential economic return of 160.000 per year.
Advantage factorThe innovative Digivalve designed by IPC allows to overcome the limitations of the traditional valves and to obtain the following advantages: - Space saving with complete elimination of the actuators and simplification of plant layout; - Increased Rangeability of about 10 times compared to traditional valves; - Significant improvement of the seals; - Possibility to characterize the link between the control signal and CV of the valve, and without modification of valve design; - Possibility of self-diagnostics of failures and ability to continue to function under fault condition (fault tolerant system) after generation of appropriate diagnostic signals; - Increase of dynamic performances and providing customization according to specifications required by the application; - Possibility to change the dynamic characteristics of the valve without replacement of its components actuating on special pneumatic devices or the management firmware of the valve.
Commercial challengeProposed system and solution maybe installed on large number of process plants on new installation and existing plants. The owners of this solutions rights will gain a leading position in the specific industrial market sector.
Publications and Customer ReferecesPatent N. BA2011A000050 deposited in Commercial Chamber of Bari on 29/09/2011.