NameXenia Progetti srl


Project id.102
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectThe system provides a first medical aid remote support to people that are on seagoing ships, offshore platforms, etc. especially in those cases where health personnel is not present on board. It can provide a first level remote diagnosis in emergency situations in case of accidents, health problems or illness that occurred to people in areas with no medical support. The system includes a set of biomedical sensors, able to detect vital parameters, capable to transmit collected data to a centralized medical service that receives and handles emergency calls
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe project application domain analyzes and focuses on the particular needs of boats in the Mediterranean area, where in many cases the presence of medical personnel on board is not guaranteed and / or in any case is not justified the presence of a physician whose experience and expertise can instead be made available in appropriate centers of excellence that can provide their services to a wider community.
Market segmentAbout 3,500 fishing boats of over 10 tons dimensions are present in Italy, and large cruise ships and offshore platforms that initially represent the reference potential market (source: UNIMAR, Atlas of Italian fishing boats). If we consider the number of vessels in the Mediterranean sea we will have a very large number of potential users
Advantage factorThe system introduces an innovative service not currently available for these specific vessels types. Even where medical assistance is present, as example in large cruise ships or offshore platforms, SEA MED system provides the availability of an additional service that allows a medical-specialist structure to provide remote consultation also with expert support on different medical and surgical issues.
Commercial challengeThe assumptions for the assessment of impact of the project consider the relevance and importance of Telemedicine in our society and the huge growth prospects relating to market surveys carried out in international contexts.
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