NameXenia Progetti srl


TitleAsset Management for Industrial COmplex Plant
Project id.103
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectAMICO aims to provide a centralized tool that can address and overcome troubles of most of industrial companies regarding plant assets management: • information database is not always 100% reliable • information is usually fragmented • changing existing and / or new designs need a step of audit on the field • reports about plants conditions is extremely difficult • difficulty to access all available information could lead to risks security issues
State of dev.There is a system prototype, ready for industry production
Industrial applicationASSET MANAGEMENT
Market segment: The System is dedicated to industrial companies who need to manage complex production plants.
Advantage factorThe first innovative issue introduced by AMICO is a unified platform for industrial process data storage. The system provides an open interface to all sector systems for data import/export. A strongly innovative system functionality is the capability to integrate in a unified view different objects and assets of an industrial process, related documents and plants activities flows. Other advanced function is the automatic generation of new “workflow”, produced on results extracts from an “expert system” that analyzes system operators behaviors.
Commercial challengeAMICO allows you to have a significant effect in terms of economic impact on the market (savings, processes streamlining, data centralization, faster decision making); it also allows a more efficient management of industrial processes.
Publications and Customer ReferecesICEIS 2013 AMICO: The Asset Management for Industrial Complex Enterprise