NameVOLO E. and C. srl


Project id.106
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelPatented
Description of the innovation projectSolution for water treatment. The patented solution consists in an ozonator system able to sterilize and disinfecting the water immediately at the highest level of 99%. This is possible thanks to the great amount of ozone generated by electric shocks inside the ozonator tube. The amount of polluted water treatable with the invention is directly proportional to the volume of the ozonic chamber ie to the section of stainless steel pipe and the amount of the electrodes used. Through the innovation instantly is possible to have 2,3 ppm of ozone in the water, only by one pass inside the ozonic chamber.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationWater treatment
Market segmentAgrofood, textiles, health, fisheries, sewerage systems
Advantage factorSome of the main advantages of the ozonator system plant are: i) high ability to capture pollutants and bacteria (98,5 – 99,30%); ii) high portability and battery-operated device; iii) immediate ability of water sterilization (and not minutes as the actual systems);
Commercial challengeRapidity in the water treatment, reduced costs
Publications and Customer ReferecesProgetto Europeo H2020 - FP4BATIW