NameDelisa srl


Project id.108
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe feasibility study will be split in three different areas. The technological one, based on the potential power of the innovative solution, the second one, based on the analysis of the market and of the legal systems, and the third on the involvement of different users and stakeholders.
Description of the innovation projectQuaestion (Quaestio = problem in latin + question) creates a system of interaction of two type of user: it will create a class of professionals 2.0 and it will provide users (company and individuals) with a wide range of services at affordable prices, with a considerable saving for professional and users. Delisa s.r.l. has also produced a prototype of a semanthic web platform problem finding programmed with java language and tested on a small sample of possible final users.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationSome companies have developed software that can put in contact legal professionals and users / customers. These services, however, are available only for legal problem, neither they provide any explanation of the problem nor a specific selection of the most appropriate consultant.
Market segmentQuaestion has an higher technological standard over competitors in the US and EU, thanks to the problem finding software that simplifies the process of definition and resolution of the problem and also for matching services in the passive dimension.
Advantage factorQuaestion can as well be easily integrated with new services and new development opportunities, according to the territories in which the service develops itself. The management of the service may not have a significant cost, especially if you consider the potential revenue for the cities or region covered by the service. The territorial expansion will increase the potential of the service, by expanding the borders of the potential trade and business opportunities.
Commercial challengeThe market in which Quaestion will operate is not only the traditional legal and business consultancy one (offline consultancy) but it will rather include online consultancy. However, in the peculiar market of the legal and business consultancy, offline services (like jurisdictional assistance and activities) are most of the services required by customers. Queastion will be able to compete in both markets and be chosen by clients for its features, which will enable it to solve all kind of problems.
Publications and Customer ReferecesDelisa is one of the successful tenderers partner of the biggest research project in the health sector in Italy called "SH 2.0" as part of the Smart Cities 2012; Delisa has developed a Framework for the normalization of the health information and a Decision Support System. Delisa is a Sicilian private company specialized in creating and implementation of innovative software solutions, focused primarily on Public Administration (Authorities, Municipalities, Health, Schools, etc.).