NameHolsys s.r.l.

Project id.11
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelAt this moment we protect our product as industrial secret.
Description of the innovation projectolOne is a technology that for the first time, enable real-time sensor data Complex Event Processing technology onto IoT devices. The main features is a powerful, human-readable language for sensor data event processing, endowed with machine learning features based on proprietary holonic technology. olOne solves a huge issue of IoT: to drive sophistication and intelligence closer to devices in order to satisfy new analytic approaches requested especially, but not only, in Industry 4.0. It runs on IoT device: -Gateway as a plug&play software, easy to bundle with manufacturer’s SDK thanks to software standards (OSGi compliant) -Embedded device as a pre-compiled for specific CPUs
State of dev.Product in second edition, installed in some industrial plants for condition monitoring
Industrial applicationOur target customers are the company that needs to implements IoT solution able transforming sensor data flows into actionable insights. Since our product is based on a “horizontal” technology, applications are manifold. Chief examples are: anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, intelligent alerting and so on. These applications relate to the following sectors: Energy, Oil and gas, Industrial Plant, Railway, Transportation, Agriculture, and Infrastructure.
Market segmentIoT device manufacturers such as Gateway and Embedded system manufacturers and IoT system integrators. Gateway and Embedded system IoT market will be worth nearly 19 B$ in 2017. Our addressable market can be estimated to be around 25% of the gateway market and 10% of the embedded market.
Advantage factorFor the first time, enable real-time sensor data Complex Event Processing technology onto IoT Gateway devices and at hardware level.
Commercial challengeHolsys is the first company to engineer a Computing Technology inspired to the Holonic System paradigm. The commercial challenge is transforming millions gateways and embedded devices sold every year in intelligent ones.
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