NameEtna Hitech S.c.p.A.


Titlei-BIM (Building Information Modelling for network infrastructure)
Project id.110
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelOpen source (Apache vs. 2.0)
Description of the innovation projectEtna Hitch is developing i-BIM, a software platform for managing all information about public infrastructures such as roads, water, drain or sewer networks, from its inception onward. i-BIM is an open cloud software platform for recording the different kind of information created during facilities' design, construction, commissioning, maintaining and dismissing. In other words i-BIM will meet the knowledge management needs of urban infrastructures during their whole life-cycle. i-BIM is able to record several kind of information related to the facility (CAD, GIS, Video, sensor data). i-BIM is able also to manage workflowes related to the management of the infrastructure.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationICT companies involeved in the development of software component of a Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform
Market segmentAll kind of stakeholders involved in one or more steps of the life cycle of an urban facility (water, gas, drain, road, telecom ...).
Advantage factori-BIM aims to cover the existing market gap of solutions specifically designed for meeting the needs of urban facilities. The market of Building Information Models (BIM) is growing very fast, but the target of this kind of solutions is the traditional 3D-building. Urban infrastructures as they are water, drain, sewer or roads network are still maneged with traditional 2D-GIS. i-BIM will make available to urban facility stakeolders all the state of the art BIM features.
Commercial challengeSeveral coutries in europe an abroad are moving very fast towards BIM siolutions for managing public buildings during their whole life cycle.