NameNOVOTECH - Aerospace Advanced Technology - SrL


TitleSolar-wind Rotor for Energy production
Project id.115
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectThe system concerns the production of energy from renewable sources, it converts energy from the sun and wind energy in a integrated way . The peculiar point of the system, it isn’t a classic wind turbine with an aerodynamic profile but a rectangular plate, on which a mechanical torque is generated for the phenomenon of the vortex shedding. The simple shape of the rectangular plate allows the use of a photovoltaic panel as wind rotor. This results in a more integrated design of wind and solar parts for an original and more efficient system.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe geometrical linear configuration of the device and its modular feature present the system as a candidate to give energy to the street lighting of extra-urban roads. In the stand-alone configuration it can feed units without electrical connection (i.e. surveillance buoys or isolated houses). In the urban environment the system can be installed on the roof of buildings.
Market segmentLow power generator for may different application.
Advantage factorAnalysing the state of art, the proposed system gives some relevant advantages: 1) the device is compact thanks to the spatial and structural integration of the wind turbine with the photovoltaic units; 2) it is not required the use of a specific wind turbine with a complex aerodynamic shape, which is expensive for the design and the realization.
Commercial challengeSome components of the system can be used by the wind functionality and photovoltaic functionality both an a common way to gain a subsequent money saving. The system has a modular feature, which allows of obtaining the final required power.
Publications and Customer ReferecesAt the present there aren’t publications about the “Solar-wind Rotor for Energy production” system for the very few time after the presentation of the patent application.