NameTop System Scarl


TitleEasySchoolNet 16
Project id.17
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelBrand and Logo registered. Patent in registration phase. 
Description of the innovation projectTop System developed a software that turned informatic laboratories into Professional Language laboratories, by using standard PC or tablet. Thanks to a lot of additional applications and features, such as Exam Module, with multimedial tests and different kinds of exams, or DVR module, a multimedial language recorder that can compare the student pronunciation with the mother-tongue one, and AV modules to send external sources to different groups into a single class or to an entire School, Easy School Net became a strong educational software able to replace a very expensive Hardware Language Laboratory. Easy School Software is also a management and control system able to monitor and to manage different computers or tablet by using a main one.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationMultimedial Educational Net, Language Laboratories for Schools and Universities, Public or Private training institutions.
Market segmentGovernment Agencies, private Agencies, Schools of all levels, public or private universities,  training  institutions. 
Advantage factorNo Hardware needed, very high quality of Audio and Video in real time in each computer or tablet, possibility to create a language laboratory via Wi-fi.
Commercial challengeVery high margin for distributors and agents and no need of advantage money.
Publications and Customer Refereces​ Since 1998 attended the main Exhibitions in the World of IT and  educational area such as:  SMAU Milan CEBIT: Hannover, Germany  BETT: London  WordDidac: Basel, Switzerland  WordDidac ASIA: Bangkok, Thailand  GESS: Dubai, United Arab Emirates   GESS: Mexico  WordDidac: Astana,Kazakistan   Feria de Educacio: CHILE  EDU Trendy: Warsaw, Poland  INADIDAC : Jakarta, Indonesia  Interdidac: LISBONA, Portugal  GEFF: AMMAN,Jordan  BETT ­Meddel East  ABU DABI ­ United Arab Emirates