NameNatural Intelligent Technologies s.r.l.


TitleNatural Intelligent Technologies s.r.l.
Project id.19
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelItalian Patent granted, International Patent pending, American TradeMark granted
Description of the innovation projectThe first Italian patented technology able to automatically read, analyze and search italic handwriting in digital documents by using Artificial Intelligence algorithms
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe first application of our technology is in the ICT sector of data capture and recognition from handwritten digital documents but it will be also useful in the security sector for automatic document and signature verification
Market segmentThe target market is the Image Recognition Software, specifically the segment od Document Data Capture that, according Markets and Markets, has a total revenue of 9,65 Billion Dollars with an Annual Growth Rate of 21% for the next years
Advantage factorThe innovative approach beyond the technology is able to overcome the main issues of the currently existing technologies, creating the possiblity to be independent from the writer, the alphabet and the reference language
Commercial challengeThe competitive advantage of the technology can be expressed in products that can be used also from SME's that don't manage necessarily huge digital heritages; at the moment these types of technology are available only for big companies and government agencies because of their necessity to have a lot of data for training
Publications and Customer ReferecesThere are several scientific papers and publications who cover the innovative principles of the technology and that are summerized in the patent.