Project id.21
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelEPO - Patented technology - EP15159284.7 UIBM - Patented technology - ITCT2014A000006
Description of the innovation projectAlveolar Corrugated Cardboard panels usable to make complete building structures or part of them such as wall, partition, ceiling, roof and like.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationArchicart is an architectural construction technology that proposes the use of prefabricated elements made up of corrugated cardboard, which can be easily mutually assembled, in a short time and anywhere. Archicart technology is ideal for the construction of low cost architectural units that have a low environmental impact, high energy efficiency and high comfort.
Market segmentArchicart prefabricated products are potentially suitable for various applications: temporary emergency shelters, removable exhibition stands, structures for protected areas, receptive buildings and facilities for cultural and entertainment events.
Advantage factorArchicart construction technology provides the following benefits: reduced invasiveness, due to lightweight; low cost, thanks to the use of availability of base materials; sustainability, due to the first potentially recycled and recyclable materials; portability of the basic module, thanks to the lightweight and easy disassembly; modularity, thanks to dimensional modularity; easily handling, which promotes the installation by not skilled workers, the optimum tolerance to earthquake propagation.
Commercial challengeLow cost construction system with high performances in terms of mechanical and thermophysical ones, and low environmental impact.
Publications and Customer Refereces2016 - Ph.D. corse - DICAR University of Catania 2016 - Publication on "il Progetto Sostenibile" - Edicom edizioni 2016 - Sponsor technology and innovation at Kairalooro international workshop 2016 - Lecture at Abadir academy 2016 - Lecture at Engineer order of Catania 2015 - Lecture at ItaliaCamp EXPO Milan 2015 - Realization of exposition in FieraMilano I-pack Ima 2015 2014 - Finalist at PNI cube 2014 - Winner of StartCup Sicilia 2014 - Magistral thesis - DICAR University of Catania