NameNC Ingegneria isrls


TitleConcretes in PET plastic for constructions
Project id.23
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing.
Description of the innovation projectThe NC Ingegneria i.s.r.l.s. aims to promote the plastic waste PET using a mix design method described by two patent applications filed at the UIBM-Italian Patent and Trademark Office, in order to obtain concrete modified with plastic added. The entrepreneurial action of NC Ingegneria is aimed to promote this method. The company wants to solve part of the problem of environmental pollution, indicating a patented method which allows the recycling of large quantities of reclaimed plastic by the environment and the obtaining of elements in reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete that have enhanced mechanical performance.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationConstruction industry. Environmental engineering.
Market segmentThe concrete modified by PET plastic identify a new segment of the ordinary concrete market. An estimated 4.756.239 tons of recycled plastic will be included in the blends. It's clear that the use of plastic in the concrete, increases by 10 times the business related to recycling, and the creation of new jobs.
Advantage factorCustomers will choose between an ordinary concrete which costs less, and a concrete that costs more but is better especially from a technical point of view because it gives the structures a better behavior in the earthquake zones. The gap between improvement of the concrete deformations and the minor seismic intensity absorbed during an earthquake for the lightness of the material, produces an increase in the useful life of the buildings.
Commercial challengeThe competitive advantage is represented by the quality of the concrete which is obtained by mixing with PET. The areas of excellence of our strategy are: the search on the use of alternative materials with a strong environmental impact, the product innovation, the complete control over the production process, the technical assistance offered to our customers. Our competitive advantage is qualitative and for users that want to use a product that improves the quality of buildings
Publications and Customer ReferecesThere are other document that speak about concrete, reinforced with PET and concrete with plastic aggregates, identified by intellectual property number 102002901046275, 102003901163767, 102005901301973 and 102012902051310.