TitleCrossover E-bike
Project id.24
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelDesign and pattern deposit by UIBM Italia n. 402015000047484
Description of the innovation projectThere are a few models that arise from Cross-over to a motorcycle and a bicycle pedal assistance.This category is not present on the market currently. The vehicles are equipped with an advanced engine system (mechatronics) combined with a continuous change. An integrated electronic control system manages pedaling cadence, gear ratios and driving position; this system optimizes power consumption and muscle strain. The frame and the structural components are made of carbon fiber and Ergal, a particular design derived from the structure of hundreds ribs of wing profiles, which has made possible to achieve an excellent weight/strength value, giving at the same time a design out of the ordinary.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe product is placed in the automotive market with electric traction
Market segmentIt is in infancy. Being a high-end product it will remain a limited edition and distribution will be marketed both in traditional sales channels, motorbikes and bicycles and in the multiproduct luxury sector.
Advantage factorA unique driving sensation. The mechatronics system and the management software create the guide and alignment assistance for every driving gait, offering the muscle power amplified, and feeling a symbiosis with the vehicle that will automatically respond to the needs expected by the user. Safety standards and driving autonomies are higher than all the other vehicles in the same category.
Commercial challengeEstablish a new category of vehicles in the market of the two wheels based on a different conception of mobiltà. Penetrate the world market.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe research and development was carried out indoors with the help of external consultants. The total of three years of tests on various prototypes and more than 2000 hours of design time.