NameDepartment of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Catania University


TitleKREO: Kinetic, Responsive Envelop by Origami
Project id.25
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelPatent not requested
Description of the innovation projectKREO is the prototype, in the planning stage, of a kinetic foldable architectural component. In the first experimentation, we optimize it for the field of the Cultural Heritages, because it can guarantee the protection in case of unfavorable weather conditions. When there is no need to use KREO, thanks to the pre-scored surface, it can be completely folded, packed and removed, thus minimizing the visual impact on the landscape. The corrugation of the surface increases its mechanical performance. The main element of KREO is a pre-folded surface, realized with a composite material.
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationInnovative architecture components, protection of Cultural Heritage, Covering of Archaeological areas, temporary pavilions, shelter for work areas or building sites.
Market segmentKREO element is potentially suitable for various applications: protection and development of cultural heritage, temporary emergency shelters, expositive removable stands, facilities for protected areas, receptive buildings and installations for cultural and leisure events.
Advantage factorMinimum visual impact, because the opaque surface can be removed. Reduced invasiveness, in fact you could use a lightweight structure thanks to surface form resistance. Low price, thanks to the use of readily available materials. Sustainability, given by potentially recycled and recyclable raw materials. Reversibility, thanks the dry assembling. Transportability of the basic module, due to its lightness anditseasy disassembling. Componibility, thanks to its dimensional modularity.
Commercial challengeThe diversification from the traditional design for temporary architectures along with the possibility of customization for different needs make KREO an attractive product. Moreover, the rising attention to environmental sustainability increased the demand for innovative eco-friendly products also in the construction industry. These products are rapidly replacing traditional building ones and therefore an update of modes of production is essential to keep abreast with the market demand.
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