Nameestorage srl start up innovativa


Titleenergy storage for family and for smart cities
Project id.26
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelNo patent required
Description of the innovation projectThe energystorage is the next challenge for photovoltaic systems as well as one of the areas most exciting market in the coming years. For this reason our company offers a multilingual ecommerce platform, unique in its kind, through which directly over the Internet are selling PV panels, inverters, energy storage systems, green building solutions, ebike, ecars and LED lamps. All products for sale are the world's most advanced technologies in the industry. Each type of client, private or technical or construction companies, can register the e-commerce platform and see the price list with discount dedicated to each of them
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationrenewable energy systems, ecommerce, electrical industry
Market segmentThe company works in the market for large-scale distribution through the internet of plants producing renewable energy, in particular solar photovoltaic stand-alone system with storage batteries. This market is expected to grow with 56 GW of installed capacity accumulation by 2022
Advantage factorOur e-commerce website is different from all other ecommerce portals on the web because it only offers products for the construction of plants for energy production from renewable sources and for sustainable mobility. In addition, our platform allows each user to see the prices to the public but also access to price lists with discounts reserved.
Commercial challengeBy now the market has become global thanks to the Internet. Increasingly bought and sold through the largest e-commerce platforms. wants to become the most important commerce at the international level dedicated to a specific sector: the sale of products for the construction of plants for energy production from renewable sources and electric mobility.
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