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TitleBulbixin - Nano Delivery System
Project id.28
Reference sectorNANOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectBulbixin® a versatile nanocarrier able to go through the transfollicular barrier allowing the delivery of drugs at full potential, for all the topical treatment related to the pilosebaceous unit
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationAnti hair loss, hair removal, anti acne products
Market segmentThe proposed nanocarrier is highly versatile and chemically stable, this circumstance enables the usage of the carrier in a broad range of applications both in the pharma & cosmetic industry: • Anti Hair-loss products • Anti acne products • Hair-removal/Hair regrowth inhibition products
Advantage factorMain characteristics that can qualify the high market transferability potential of the technology are: • High Chemical and Physical stability • The high loading capacity: 99% • The broad range of substance that can be loaded within it (from hydrophilic & lipophilic ) • The law cost of the raw material • The simplicity of the production process (low technology switching/implementation cost) • High level of human tolerability
Commercial challengeThe proposed nanocarrier confers to the final customer the following benefits: • increase of drug delivery efficiency (7 times dosage delivered in situ compared to “free drug”) • Increase care efficacy, due to the amplification of compound transportation in follicular site. • Consequent decrease of side effects due to the reduction of drug compound dispersed at systemic level (reduction of side effect risk factor) • Drastic Increase of drug lifetime in situ.
Publications and Customer Referecespatent submission number 102015000051781