TitleSMARTLIGHT : Universal energy saving electronic device for the automatic management of artificial lighting
Project id.3
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing.
Description of the innovation projectThis energy saving tool is a low-cost universal electronic device for the automatic management of artificial lighting. Based on a microprocessor hardware topology, is able to independently manage any kind of lamp, achieving energy efficiency maximization in any application environment. By installing these devices, energy savings reach 85% in some cases, independently from the type of the pre-installed lamp. SMARTLIGHT device ican be installed almost everywhere: homes, offices, factories, warehouses, garages, hotels, schools, apartment buildings, stairways, porches, corridors, railcars, etc..
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationUniversal energy saving electronic device for the automatic management of artificial lighting
Advantage factorOur multi-referenced SmartLight device, showing off over the years to achieve significant energy savings (up to over 90%) and especially with just one year of payback time, now reaches its version 6 with a new artificial intelligence algorithm introduced in the device software that automatically changes its own parameters in adaptive way, in order to continuously follow in real time the conditions of the environment to be lighted up, thereby further increasing both the energy savings and the user visual comfort.
Commercial challengeCERTIFIED ENERGY SAVINGS UP TO 97%
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