NameGrunta srlss


Project id.30
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelCopyright - no patent required
Description of the innovation projectillCare was created to respond quickly and effectively to user requests. The target is to always have on your smartphone a pharmacist advising on the symptoms. The application allows you to have direct access to the world of self-medication at the time when the illness occurs. illCare uses medicines without prescription (OTC), cosmetics and food supplements. The user describes the symptom or the part of the body affected. illCare shows the photo of one or more products, quickly locates the nearest pharmacy through geolocation (in Italy), allows direct purchase by means of our e-commerce. Products will be, then, collected at the nearest pharmacy or delivered at home.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationHealthcare, pharmaceutical, marketing.
Market segmentHealthcare, wellness, science of life
Advantage factorillCare was created to make a connection between citizens, pharmaceutical industries and pharmacies. Pharmacies are the first aid of an emergency, because are widespread throughout the country. The mission of illCare is not to replace the doctor, but it will make more accessible to novice users any information about medicines without a prescription. illCare will prove effective to interpret and select the most useful information from the leaflets: with a few clicks, users, even those less accustomed to the language of the medical and pharmaceutical products, can easily find the necessary information about the dosage, contraindications, interactions. Through a system suitable for everyone, illCare will give you the opportunity to access the world of self-medication directly on the smartphone, offering the possibility to choose the most appropriate remedy and putting citizens in touch in real time with suitable facilities pharmacies, etc. We offer a personal service for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional companies for the launch of new product. We can "charge" new illnesses in few hours.
Commercial challengeOur Target is to reassure buyers towards easily identifiable products (photos and price) and at the same time making clear and simple the use of the products. With its versatility, it can also be used like a fidelity card.
Publications and Customer ReferecesWe won award at Smau 2014 and numerous benefits during the contest.