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Project id.32
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelA patent application will be filed soon.
Description of the innovation projectBikeeper encourages the use of bicycles increasing the safety of both cyclist and his vehicle. It’s a smart device, hidden inside the fork or the saddle tube and constrained to it through an electromechanical locking system, it combines GPS anti-theft system and collision detector with emergency geo-located SMS, with the advantage of being able to find the vehicle in case of theft and reduce the rescue time in case of accident. Available in different versions, with USB-compliant, dinamo or wireless charging and an app compatible with Android , iOS and Windows Phone.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationBikeeper is a smart device designed to improve the safety of both users of vehicles, in particular bicycles, that the same means. In fact, with appropriate adjustments to the device it can be used on all vehicles with two wheels.
Market segmentBB2B: owners of motorcycles with use value ≥200.00 €; B2C: manufacturers and retailers of bicycles, bike- sharing, insurance companies, telco. The potential market for EU is estimated in €18 billions/year. Revenues are given by direct selling with and estimated net of 25-30% of the sale price, by making custom deals to mount the series device.
Advantage factorBIKEEPER is a device integrating the two main GPS anti-theft feature and collision detector, designed to make people feel safer cyclist. An innovative aspect is the multiple charging system, featuring either a USB-compliant, or dinamo or wireless charger option. Also the remote controlled electromechanical locking system by own app it’s a key factor.
Commercial challengeThe locking system and its related competitive advantage allows to bond the device in a strong way to the bike frame, creating a unique connection. In this way it could be used to define the bike’s owner despite the theft scratch off the serial number of the frame. Moreover every competitor’s device lacks a similar locking system so the patent could be used to sell the usage rights generating incomes.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe device and its related functionalities has been analyzed through a trademark research by a law firm specialized in intellectual property strategy analisys.