NameIT S.r.l.s.


Project id.34
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectSeal, digital certification, online tracking chain and delivery of real products, can also be a simple and secure deployment of IoT (Internet of Things). to eliminate counterfeiting sealok recognizes and guarantees the originality of any product, it is presented as an inviolable unique system of collateral management also allowing you to identify and report tampering or irregularities
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationFashion,Luxury,Food,Transport;industry and manufacturing,Governamental,any sector sector whitch may need certification
Market segment-Business: big companies which want to enhance their offer in terms of service,added value and quality guarantee the customer. Using the system,information regarding the customer habits and choices can be collected and using for marketing purposes. -Cunsomer:They can have anytime to proof That what you buy is original guaranteed
Advantage factorimmediacy and versatility of the exchange of customer/vendor information, the technology and the process used makes it impossible to falsify
Commercial challengesealco,leghornseals and many competitors but none of them offer similar services at the time, our innovation is an advancement on their own current
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe industry of false invoicing a value equal to 10% of the world PIL. "Luxury market insight report 2013"