NameOmnia Energia S.P.A.


Project id.4
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing. This device complies to the CE mark for RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL LIGHT and HEAVY INDUSTRY ENVIRONMENT (EN 61326-1; EN 61010-1; ETSI EN 300 328-1).
Description of the innovation projectOmnia Meter is a Smart Home Energy Management System, conceived for domestic end-users (single-phase), by the measurement of bidirectional flows of electricity and the monitoring of gas and water consumption, it aims at: 1. optimizing energy consumptions through smart electrical loads control; 2. informing the user about the status of electrical system and making him more conscious of proper energy consumption, through APP for mobile devices; 3. verifying the voltage quality provided by electrical distributor and the amount of energy actually taken from the network,compared to that charged in the bill; 4. driving electrical loads for Home Automation operations.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationOmnia Meter is intended for domestic end-users
Market segmentThe Italian market is currently characterized by 7.1 million potential customers with consumptions above the national average and/or that possess a photovoltaic system. New potential markets are related to the rest of Europe.the price of the product is from 550.00 €/p with a return on sales of around 30%.
Advantage factorOmnia Meter minimizes the energy costs for the domestic users buying electricity at best costs, taking into account both tariff time bands and hourly electricity price signals. Innovative features are: the limitation of electricity withdrawals in the hours with the most expensive tariffs; the PQ analysis for domestic users; “no blackout” functionality to avoid the electricity meter switch-off. Omnia Meter facilitates and speeds-up communication of energy utilities and its users.
Commercial challengeThe smart metering and smart grids rollout can reduce emissions in the EU by up to 9% and annual household energy consumption by similar amounts. Today, the consumers have a little information both about long-term impact that their behaviors have on electricity generation and about the various prices bands of energy that are better adaptable to their lifestyles. In this scenario Omnia Meter aims to reduce energy costs giving consumers greater control of energy consumption.
Publications and Customer ReferecesOmnia Meter has been submitted in H2020 European Programme through a SME Instrument phase-1 funding scheme