NameRiter Sas


TitleInfocad.FM - A software platform for Buildings, Facilities and Energy management
Project id.40
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelAt the moment we have registered the Trade Mark of Infocad.FM in EU community, and we have started the process to patent
Description of the innovation projectInfocad.FM, a CAFM solution designed to manage real estate facilities, allows users to assess, analyze and reorganize company assets in order to preserve and improve their value. One software, many solutions: Infocad.FM provides solutions to collateral activities like surveillance teams, concierge and hauling services, cleaning companies, etc. Daily activities like finding available rooms, locate an asset or employee seats, open a maintenance ticket or survey areas with mobile App: each operation can be easily performed, allowing managers to focus on core activities. Moreover, Infocad.FM has strong integration with the main Erp and IoT solutions. Every module has a powerful document management system. Finally, the Energy Management module allow to register, analyze and optimize the energy consumption.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe target of Infocad.FM platform is very wide: every Company or Public Administration which have to manage buildings, assets, plants, equipment, external areas.
Market segmentBetween our clients there are Public Administrations, Hospitals, Airports, Train stations, Malls, Banks, Universities, Global service, Energy & TLC companies, International Fashion companies.
Advantage factorImmediate return on investment Infocad.FM is the perfect software for managers willing to reduce costs and optimize available resources. A unique environment to manage everything. A unique modular software platform with all informations availables on PC, Smartphone and Tablet. Always updated
Commercial challengeInfocad.FM has clients who works all over the world but don't has, right now, commercial partners out of Italy. We are building the network.
Publications and Customer ReferecesAt the following link some customer references