NameAPWonders S.r.l.


TitleOscillating Blades Wind Turbine
Project id.43
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelPatent N. 0001402145
Description of the innovation projectAPWonders Srl will bring to market a high performances wind turbine with vertical axis of rotation and oscillating blades. The operation of the turbine has been verified successfully by building a small scale prototype and subsequently testing it in a wind tunnel and in field. The product responds to a request for wind turbines that can guarantee low cost, high performance, low noise and low aesthetic impact in the typical contexts of installation of small wind turbines: houses, buildings and sheds. Our initial target market will be that of the mini or micro-generation of energy in the European Union countries.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationWind turbines
Market segmentThe market will have an annual growth rate of 29.7%. Customers will be 13.5% (early adopters) of two segments of the EU countries: private clients (11745000), and business customers (4413700). Indexes: R.O.I. 95% year I, 244% year II, 313% year III; R.O.E. 1670% year I, 573% year II, 195% year III.
Advantage factorAdvantages: it works with wind coming from any direction, high annual energy production in presence of weak and moderate winds, low cost, ultra-quiet operation even with strong winds, the formation of ice on the blades does not compromise its performance, blades with advertising images.
Commercial challengeIt can be proved with theoretical calculations and tests the improvement in efficiency with respect to existing technologies. Thus the first value is the high productivity. The second is its cost, lower than competitors. The APWonders will have a competitive advantage while the common disadvantages of a new company against existing ones are limited by the particular situation of the sector characterized by: no leader, small businesses, low investment in research, levelling performance.
Publications and Customer ReferecesAPWonders Srl has already been awarded with an important prize: the “Bright Future Ideas Award”, January 23, 2014, Palazzo Mezzanotte, home of the Italian Stock Exchange; prize part of the UK-Italy Innovation Awards, category dedicated to young fast growing companies. APWonders Srl has also won the competition for new companies “Smart & Start” sponsored by the Italian Government through Invitalia.