NameDas HumanKapital srl


TitlePeople Performance Plan 3.0
Project id.44
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectPeople Performance Plan 3.0 is a platform capable of managing human capital through five strategic levels: 1. internal communication; 2. identification and recognition of gatekeepers, Skill Mapping and HR Data; 3. Cooperation development among employees; 4. Company's Data Analysis; Construction and managament of HR processes. This platform is built in PHP language and in Cloud modality. Das Humankapital is join the IBM's Global Entrepreneurs Program for those entrepreneurs with Cloud-based startups.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationPeople Performance Plan 3.0 is a digital workplace, which promotes an innovative management method by respecting the principle of information and decisions democratization.
Market segmentPeople Performance Plan 3.0 is aimed at SMEs with a market value of 2.50 Euro employee per month. Upon reaching 20,000 users to reach the break even with about 40 companies and 5 Account.
Advantage factorPPP3.0 comes complete with all the aspects described above: wall, user profile, management skills, group management, building and sending questionnaires to all employees or work groups, reports on human capital indexes, system analysis of the words. The HR function, along with technology can offer a new, more efficient approach to human capital management creating new business forms.
Commercial challengePeople Performance Plan 3.0 is a scalable product and repeatable in all interested companies. The commercialization of the People Performance Plan 3.0 guarantees the spread of a new management model capable of detailed analysis on the business climate. In addition, for the reading of statistics is required a specific training on human capital management that can be conveyed through partnerships with schools of management training.
Publications and Customer ReferecesIn the book, Why Human Capital is important for Organizations: People come First, published by Palgrave MacMillan, Amelia Manuti and Pasquale Davide de Palma there's the chapter entitled "People Performance Plan" the theoretical approach of the product produced. The book is in reference the first certification HR world produced by BSI Business Standards Institute. Das HumanKapital is entered the world rankings Excellence Leadership 500 Awards (2015).