NameConsortium Ecodomus


TitleSocial Housing NZEB in mediterranean for refugees
Project id.46
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectThe project that aims to develop Ecodomus consortium consists of the construction of structures and/or prefabricated modules, easy to assemble and build, durable and long lasting, such as to be mounted in emergency situations such as refugees in the Mediterranean area.
State of dev.Concept
Industrial application states of emergency
Market segment international market. The building will cost about 80,000 € , and is thought to a gain of 10/15 % approximately
Advantage factorThe product that the consortium offers is unique on the market, in fact, it uses alternative energy and the best technologies and materials for its energy maintaining and particularity is that it is easy to construct and assemble, completely self-sufficient in terms of energy and low environmental impact.
Commercial challenge easy assembly and transport
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