NameSTC s.r.l.


TitleLead-acid battery recycling
Project id.47
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelThe STC process is protected by patent n° EP1728764A1. The STC process patented is entitled “Process for the production of lead hydrate or monoxide of high purity, from materials and/or residues containing lead in the form of sulphates, monoxides and/or other compounds”.
Description of the innovation projectSTC has developed a new process that will completely transform current acid lead battery recycling systems. This process will contribute to considerably reducing emissions, to being able to work at lower temperatures obtaining lead oxides, which may directly be employed in the construction of new batteries as final products.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationRecycling and recovery of materials
Market segmentExhausted lead acid battery recycling and production of new batteries
Advantage factorThe STC process realizes the separation of the various components of a battery through innovative mechanical, chemical and physical processes, which are far more efficient from the point of view of energy consumption and of environmental impact than the processes currently on the market. Moreover, it considerably reduces dangerous emissions. The recovered materials may therefore be recycled as raw material in the production of new batteries.
Commercial challengeSTC is already a consolidated operator on the international market. Its inclination towards innovation allows to be constantly among the top companies in the field of recycling processes and production of new batteries. Nevertheless, thanks to its small dimensions, it preserved its special attention towards each customer and is able to offer services that are definitely very competitive if compared to those offered by the larger competitors.
Publications and Customer Refereces- “Past, present and future of lead battery recycling” (R. Guerriero, G. La Sala) - “Pb/PbO mixture production: new stc process for direct lead battery paste recycling” (G. Fusillo, F. Scura, G. La Sala, R. Guerriero) - “Procedimento per la produzione di idrato od ossido di piombo ad elevata purezza da materiali e/o residui contenenti composti di piombo”. (STC S.r.l.)