NameExprivia SpA
StatusBig company


Project id.54
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectCryptovox is an app available on Android and iOS mobile platform. It provides safe and confidential encrypted calls using the connectivity of a corporate WiFi network. Cryptovox is based on Extravox solution for mobile VoIP, improved with the complete management of voice encryption, still keeping excellent voice quality, which is higher than that of a mobile radio-based call. Cryptovox conjugates high security standards with simplicity of use. User experience is smooth: the user keeps interacting through the native smartphone interface to answer or make encrypted calls (phonebook, dialer, call log, etc.).
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationBusiness confidential VoIP communications
Market segmentTelecommunication ICT for Medium and Large Enterprises
Advantage factorCryptovox supports the most efficient and high-performance audio codec (G729, Speex, G711 codec) improving their management as well as increasing the quality of the voice. Cryptovox is realized following the most robust techniques in media encryption with the use of cryptographic algorithms recommended by NIST in their respective contexts.
Commercial challengeCryptovox can be implemented in every contest where confidential information have to be exchanges, without renouncing to user experience and comfort of use. We are looking for direct customers and partners which can bring our solution to new customers all around the world.
Publications and Customer ReferecesOn request