NameBiotecnomed scarl


TitleEnvironmentally friendly battery operated medical device
Project id.55
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet. Device is in advanced phase of prototyping and testing.
Description of the innovation projectThe present project proposal concerns development of a very small device for separation processes in chemical and biological applications. This innovative centrifuge is built by means of total recycled materials according to green economy policies to reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, the possibility to use this small centrifuge also without main power supply,makes this tools extremely flexible and suitable for emergency settings and outodoor use (i.e. in emergency situations, wars, epidemies and in development countries).
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationchemical, farmaceutical and biotechnologic areas of application
Market segmentDue to the its technological features, tool is tailored to be used in emergency situation
Advantage factorThe centrifuge are necessary tools in each laboratory. This kind of device is actually available with different specifications such as dimension, capacity, rotor type. Considering its technical characteristics, the instrument is designed for military and humanitarian emergencies, as well as for all those situations in which immediacy in terms of availability and transport is required and it is necessary to fulfill rapidly a demand even in the absence of the basic conditions for a good clinical practice. Different innovations are possible with this proposal: cost reduction by using recycled materials, ease of transport, no external power supply dependence.
Commercial challengeCommercial challenge project would to realize is the large diffusion of this competitive technology above in all in those countries in developing phase
Publications and Customer ReferecesNo publications are actually availables