TitlePostural innovative solutions for wheelchair user, customizable one to one
Project id.58
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatent for industrial invention was obtained as follow: Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Israel, Russian Federation, China. Patent for industrial invention is pended as follow: Canada n. 2770472, Brazil n. BR1120120029665, India n.254/KOLNP/2012
Description of the innovation projectThis invention relates to a postural system. The postural system may be used by non-ambulant persons and is designed to be fitted on or be an integral part of medical support devices for rehabilitation and social or domestic life, such as bases with or without wheels for institutional and/or school use. The postural system may advantageously also be used to ensure correct posture in the sitting position. In particular it may also be advantageously used in transport means. The postural system provides a supporting structure comprising a flat base and a plurality of modular blocks intended to support various segments of the user’s body.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationHealthcare /Rehabilitation
Market segmentThe market segment is wheelchair seating and positioning, the global commercial value is about € and its return is about 15%-20%
Advantage factorEach postural system can be adapt time to time to any morphology, gender differences and deformities of the user saving time and money. From clinical point of view allow to manage the process of assessment, delivery and follow up quickly but carefully.
Commercial challengeThe invention manages all positioning needs from active to complex user taking in consideration pathology , and from paediatric to geriatric. It is the only technology who allow to retain the client for long time. Products have, where already present high clinical reputation. Manufacturing process of products is simple and economic, product prices are competitive, as competitive is lead time and mantainance rate.
Publications and Customer Refereces-2014 PMG National Training Event –Cardiff(UK)Title : How different seats impact on Spinal Cord Injury subjects; -2015 31st ISS University of Pittsburgh – Nasville(USA)-Simple Solutions for complicated postures : How can I improve myself?, A personalized shock absorbing positioning system for movement disorders;-2016 32nd ISS University of British Columbia–Vancouver (Ca)-Title: Different seats impact on Spinal Cord Injury Subjects and Effectiveness of Pelvic Total Support: A Multicentic Study