NameUniversità degli Studi di Palermo


TitleReactor and process to perform selective reactions
Project id.59
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectAn ion exchange membrane cristalliser (CrIEM) is an innovative reactor able to put selectively in contact the reactants of crystallization reactions, avoiding the direct mixing of the solutions. The operation principle is based upon the use of ion exchange membranes, a physico-chemical barrier that allows the selective passage of ions between two solutions.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationThe CrIEM technology can be used in all the reactive systems in aqueous and organic solutions with ionic solutes. For example it can be used for reactive precipitation and systems for industrial processes aimed at recovering raw materials from waste solutions.
Market segmentIn industrial processes, reactive precipitation is obtained by direct mixing of reactants. Thus, products are strongly dependent from the feed raw material quality, forcing in some cases to use higly expensive species making the process not-sustainible.
Advantage factor The use of the CrIEM technology allows to perform controlled reactions, even when solutions contain competitive ions to the main reactants that could lead to secondary parallel reactions generating bad by-products. Also, unlike traditional reactors, CrIEM technology can generate alkaline reactants inside the reactor exploting natural salinity gradients.
Commercial challengeNowadays magnesium has been classified by EU among the 20 critical raw materials for a sustainable growth of Eruopean economy: the possibility of using the CrIEM technology to recover this raw material from exhausted brines could resettle market equilibria, pushing Europe from the present position of dependence towards a leading role in the global Magnesium-compounds market.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe invention has not yet been submitted and / or disclosed