NameUniversità degli Studi di Palermo


TitleQuick Method for the Optimal Design of Drip Laterals on Uniform Slopes
Project id.61
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectIt is a very innovative method for designing drip laterals in a manner that makes it possible to minimize the required input energy. It is applicable for almost uniform slopes and it is able to design, in one step, drip laterals installed in any kind of slopes, thus extending the use of micro-irrigation, the benefits of which are known in agriculture, also for those areas very steep.
State of dev.Patent Pending n. 102015000017479 on 25/05/2015
Industrial applicationThe proposed design method is suitable to implement the lateral lengths, which PE pipe manufacturers in the catalogues only for horizontal laterals provide, also for laterals laid on steep fields with any slope value. Thanks to the few parameters that the method requires, and to its rapidness, the method can be employ for small/medium microirrigation companies for fast quoting design in real time.
Market segmentAll the companies that operate on global scales in the field of the materials for micro-irrigation.
Advantage factorThe main advantages of the method are: a) the criterion of the hydraulic designing optimization, which corresponds to the maximum water and energy efficiency, b) the simplicity, which makes it usable also for those who is not a technical expert in the sector, c) the possibility of using the design criteria for irrigation sectors with any slope, d) to select the manifold and the inlet position depending on the farmers’ preferences, e) for fast quoting designs in real time.
Commercial challengeThe easy recognition of operating conditions of irrigated areas, whether pending or not, and also of considerable area, which could be irrigated with few meters of water pressure, so that a simple water storage tower could replace hydraulic pumping systems, saving the energy and protecting the environment.
Publications and Customer ReferecesOnly the progress of work made it possible to extend its application in any rectangular irrigation units on uniform slopes. Baiamonte G., Provenzano G., Rallo G. (2015) “Analytical approach to design paired drip laterals in uniformly sloped fields”, J Irrig Drain E-ASCE, 141(1), 04014042, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)IR.1943-4774.0000768. Baiamonte, G. (2016). "Simple Relationships for the Optimal Design of Paired Drip Laterals on Uniform Slopes." J Irrig Drain E-ASCE, 142(2), DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)IR.1943-4774.0000971, 04015054. Baiamonte G., (2016). “Maximizing water use efficiency in designing microirrigation unit (IrriLab Software).” In Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 18, EGU2016-15919, 2016, EGU General Assembly, 2016.