NameUniversità degli Studi di Palermo


TitleIsoindole-quinoxaline derivatives: methods for their production and their applications as antitumoral agents.
Project id.62
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatent n. 0001420442 of 12/1/2016
Description of the innovation projectThe present new derivatives pyrrolo [2,3-b] pyridine substituted in position 3 with indolyl thiazoles variously substituted, their production processes and their use pharmaceutical.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationAn innovative approach for the treatment of tumors is based on small molecules drug discovery that could offer new telomerase inhibitors, acting on G-quadruplex-DNA form involved in telomers and telomerases functions. Computational studies performed on this target could represent a useful tool for G-quadruplex-DNA-interaction improvement. New DNA interactive agents can represent new molecules able to selectively act against tumoral cells avoiding normal cell toxicity.
Market segmentThe potential technological improvements will be achieved by: 1. Antiproliferative activity in a wide range of human tumor cell lines a micro- and nano-molar level. 2. Antitumor activity in cell lines resistant to conventional terapeutic approaches. 3. Better solubility in aqueous media, avoiding the use of DMSO in biological screenings.
Advantage factorConsidering the novelty in the chemical stucture, and the broad range of activity of the possible drug as antitumor agent, it can be hypotheiszed a market of million dollars per year.
Commercial challengeIsoindole-quinoxalines showed significant biological activity in a wide range of human tumor cell lines, in in vivo tests and against drug resistant cell lines, making them promising in view of their application in anticancer chemotherapy and can be assumed a market of several tens of millions of dollars per year
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