NameUniversità degli Studi di Palermo


TitleSynthesis of pyrazole[3,4-h]quinolines with photoantiproliferative activity.
Project id.63
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectThe original synthesis of 38 derivatives having the pyrazole[3,4-h]quinoline structure bearing the proper decoration either in the pyrazole and the quinoline moiety is reported. The versatile multistep synthetic pathway allows the preparation of several derivatives, starting from the commercially available cyclohexanedione. Selected compounds showed potent photosensitizing properties in some cases with higher cytotoxicity than the reference drug (GI50 0.04-14.50 M), without inducing DNA photodamage. This result is of extraordinary importance in the modulation of long term side effects, of the drugs in use in the photodynamic therapy.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationIn vivo test will be necessary to the clinical development of the best derivatives, even after further structural modifications in order to improve the farmokinetic profile, and improving the visibile light absorption.
Market segmentConsidering the novelty in the chemical stucture, the possible drug as antitumor agent can find application in the photodynamic therapy for the treatment of cutaneous diseases and for the treatment of localized tumors. Thus, it can be hypotheiszed a market of million dollars per year.
Advantage factorPotential improvement over the current technology
Commercial challengeunidentifiable
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