NameUniversità degli Studi di Palermo


TitleSilica-based NIR Nano-Emitters for applications In-Vivo and process for production thereof
Project id.70
Reference sectorBIOTECHNOLOGY
IP Protection LevelPatent n. 0001399551 of19/4/2013 - PCT/IB2011/051594 of 13/4/2011
Description of the innovation projectThe invention regards the preparation of paramagnetic and phosphorescent nano-probes starting from nanometric silica (SiO2) particles through synthesis and O2 enrichment procedures by opportune thermal treatments in controlled atmopshere. The obtained nanoprobes feature emission in the near infrared (NIR), are excitable in the visible and in the NIR, and are characterized by an emission lifetime of the order of second. These nanoprobes have a wide scientific and commercial potential in the market of confocal spectroscopy for bio-imaging and in the market of medical-pharmaceutical applications for drug-labeling and drug-delivery and for the controlled release of oxygen in oxygen-therapy.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationEmitters of nanoscale silica for in-vivo applications. Emitters nanometric silica-based as fluorescent probes for analysis of biological systems and dynamics of molecular diffusion in the tissues.
Market segmentEmitters nanoscale silica as optical probes for bio-imaging and confocal microscopy NIR.
Advantage factorThe nano-probes produced are based on low-cost materials, easily found by ecological starting materials. They can be realized with different dimensions in the nanometric scale and therefore are adaptable to many applications. The spectral region of excitation and emission is in the near infrared (NIR) highly penetrating in biological tissues, potentially allowing their detection starting from the external environment to the tissue.
Commercial challengeEmettitori nanometrici a base di silice come probe fluorescenti per analisi dinamiche di sistemi biologici e della diffusione molecolare nei tessuti. Emettitori nanometrici a base di silice in applicazioni medico-farmaceutiche per il drug-labeling ed il drug-delivery. Emettitori nanometrici a base di silice come nano-carrier magnetici per terapie mediche in liquidi ed in tessuti biologici.
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