NameUniversità degli Studi di Palermo


TitleSandwich panel with natural material core obtained from plants belonging to the genus Arundo.
Project id.71
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelPatent procedure is ongoing
Description of the innovation projectA biocompatible sandwich panel whose core is made, in a non-limiting example, of tubular elements obtained from the culms of plants belonging to the genus Arundo. The skins of the the proposed panel are made of fiber-reinforced thermosetting polymer matrix composite material. An efficient and easy-to-reproduce in industrial scale manufacturing method is proposed.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationThe proposed invention has its natural application in the marine industry and shipbuilding, for the realization of structural parts, non-bearing elements and cladding panels.
Market segmentThe invention can be used in both the civil and the military fields
Advantage factorThe invention can be exploited for the construction of insulation and cladding panels, flooring prefabricated structures, pedestrian bridges, floating and mobile docks, pedestrian flyovers,non-walkable cladding panels (for stadiums roofs or large structures), noise barriers, walkable floors in temporary structures, modular and removable structures (antlers, floors for emergency structures), vertical panels for the protection from shrapnel and debris.
Commercial challengeIn the military and civil fields (including civil protection, defense and public safety), the modular character, light weight and easy handling ensure the possibility to use in case of bridge construction and temporary pedestrian steps to inaccessible and steep areas, as well as the possibility be used in temporary structures (flooring, roofing or walls), emergency structures and buildings and hospitals in operating bases in war zones..
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