NameWIB srl


TitleWIB - The store of the future
Project id.72
Reference sectorMECHATRONICS
IP Protection LevelItalian Patents N. 10201302183865, N.102013902183869 European Patent for Automatic Vending machine N. 002998856 USA Patent filed N. 14/911254 Design Patent Application N .29/575245 China Patent Application N. 2014800450590 Patents have also been filed in Canada and Japan European Union trade mark N. 015165921
Description of the innovation projectWarehouse In a Box is an automated retail solution that blends e-commerce, brick&mortar retail and analytics. The unique channel of sales enables the retail industry to expand physical presence both online and offline yet minimizing operating costs. Our patented automated store can handle a wide range of goods such as fresh grocery, cosmetics, consumer electronics etc. Final consumers can buy either on site and online through an e-commerce platform where products can be ordered and collected 24/7. The cloud platform developed entirely in-house enables the owner to track sales trends, inventories, technical parameters, marketing tools as well as consumers’ data and habits. The company is already selling his solutions in EU and in the USA where a sales office has been established in New York. WIB main customers are leading retail chains like COOP and Best Buy but also Technology vendor like CISCO.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationWIB automated systems are mainly applied in the Retail industry, but we've also been engaged by multinational companies for healthcare applications. The company has recently developed for CISCO a Refrigerated Smart Locker to implement a 24h7 automated pick up point for the grocery industry.
Market segmentThe company is in discussion/pilot phase with leading retail chains in Europe and USA. WIB automated stores are currently being used by leading retail chains in grocery, supplements and pharma segments.
Advantage factor1) Smart handling: our patented technology can manage a wide range of goods such as fresh grocery, cosmetics, consumer electronics; 2) Cart delivery: our patented technology delivers multiple items per order at the same time boosting the average receipt dramatically; 3) Modular Structure: multiple temperature management together with a quick and effective stock capacity increase 4) Cloud based: seamless integration to the web, for e-commerce, marketing and remote management applications.
Commercial challengeLarge volumes manufacturing and cost reduction can represent a threat to the commercial development
Publications and Customer ReferecesCISCO "Digital Malls" - Automated retail will enable $7B new annual sales in unconventional locations such as luxury resort, gyms, hospitals etc