NamePuglia Comunicazione di Bitetti Gianpiero & Co. snc


Project id.8
Reference sectorSMART CITY
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectProxity is a beacon based platform, which allows users to interact "smartly" with the surrounding reality. Cities, public spaces and shopping centers will be able to communicate with their users, taking into account their interests, and acquire detailed analysis on users' behavior. Proxity is able to send push notifications and messages, creates proximity campaigns and depp-customer insight. The platform helps smart cities to provide their citizens specific information according to their needs and to their geographic position, directly on their device, and detects and monitors all relevant data to learn aout their users.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe proxity technology can be used in every industrial fields.
Market segmentRetail field is probably the scenario in which the advantages of proximity marketing are more obvious, but Proxity is also perfect for museums, art galleries, events, smart cities, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, stadiums, parks, theaters, transport, health and schools. This technology will dramatically crash down costs of its customers.
Advantage factorProxity will bring new tools for the understanding of users and customers. Until now retailers and entrepreneurs could just guess certain information about their customers, but now, thanks our technology will open up new horizons on analytics and remarketing.
Commercial challengeThe benefits from this project are: 1. Know customers and their interests/habits allows entrepreneurs to use the preferences indicated to suggest products in line with their tastes; 2. Analyze customer movements, interests and habits, will help entrepreneurs to submit the information or suggestions on certain products based on location, the chronology of the purchase and the personal profile of the customer; 3. Proxity is the only way forward to counter the competition and increase sales.
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