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Project id.80
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectLaboo is a laboratory based on a new idea of craft design, which uses bamboo. The first design project is MOVIMENTO UNICO, an eco-friendly bike, with a totally hand-made bamboo frame, structurally bonded with natural fibres like hemp or yuta and resin. The frame is highly customisable in terms of size, ratio and finishings as well as the class of bamboo wood. It represents the first craft project of Laboo. It aims to produce information about all the properties and the different ways to use bamboo, in all facets of the various design fields. Laboo is studying the agricoltural production system to garanted the mechanical properties. Laboo is studying an universal link produced by 3d printer.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationThe mission of is to use bamboo wood in the engineering field as well as product design, taking advantage of all its enormous potential in terms of physical and mechanical properties. The potential of bamboo ranges from bike design to modular and combinable structures, highly performing and structural, from greenhouses to residential, from warehouses to bridges.
Market segmentAccording to the EU 2020 aims on reducing CO2 emissions, sustainable mobility will play an important role and the market’s growing, +6.6% of bike sales in Italy, confirms increasing interest of consumers. Features of strength, lightness and sustainability makes bamboo bike a very interesting product with an exclusive design.
Advantage factorLaboo products are UNIQUE, NATURAL and ABOVE AND BEYOND THAN ECO-SUSTAINABLE. Their handcrafted quality and local sourcing are their key strengths, a model which strives to export and diffuse globally. The universal link can be a very important step for the industrialization of Laboo products.
Commercial challengeThe Laboo mission is to use the bamboo like a resource and for this reason want to start from the common design. The universal link will improve the mechanical properties of each products and will reduce the price.
Publications and Customer ReferecesLaboo and CNR Catania are preparing a research topic about bamboo and its possible application like a future resource.