NameVULCANìC S.c.r.l.


TitleHorto in Hotel
Project id.81
Reference sectorENVIRONMENT
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectThe project is primarily dedicated to companies in the tourism and hospitality industry which are interested in integrating these activities in their portfolio. To them we offer a turnkey project, which includes the design and the realization of the garden, as well as the maintenance for one year or more and the management of related activities, including communication. Our business, focused on the circular economy, in order to ensure the replicability of the model: Hotel/resort, attached restaurant, joint purchasing group that will overcome temporary production shortage of the vegetable garden, and association of the third sector that will take care of the activities management.
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationThis project can be developed in all the high level hotels and resorts, equipped with restaurant, which have ornamental green areas outside, largely sunny. These hotels might be also included in a socio-economic context in which you can find the other two stakeholders foreseen in our economic symbiosis model: purchasing groups or other representatives from the world of the third sector, or even social enterprises, which could handle the activities management.
Market segmentIn Italy competitors have no services like ours. In Sicily many hotels/resorts are equipped with green areas that could potentially be converted to productive uses; i.e. Taormina leads this rank with 3 out of 10 (30%) Hotels with potentially convertible green spaces. In Italy 4000 4-star hotels are with attached restaurant, 288 of which in Sicily.
Advantage factorMany class hotels and resorts are converting their green areas for production purposes. I.e. "Milano La Scala Hotel"installed a vegetable garden on its rooftop terrace. Despite the economic return and image that these hotels have had thanks to these policies, in both examples it has not found an entrepreneurial vision that considers the garden as the main catalyst of new economies for both tourism and wine and food sectors, which are central pillars in our business model.
Commercial challengeThere are several holdings (i.e. Starwood, Accor) which are innovating their value proposition; especially the Planet 21 program Accor Hotel has planned by 2020 the creation of 1,000 vegetable gardens in their hotels all over the world. At the same time, the importance of innovating the tourism sector come from tourists’ requests: market surveys reveal that international tourists would spend up to 60 euros per day to live interesting and unique experiences during their trip.
Publications and Customer ReferecesBeyond partnership with the Sheraton Hotel Catania, where we are developing our prototype project, we are tightening agreements with the researchers of Cnr-Ivalsa, in the fields of DEVELOPMENT OF TRADITIONAL FOOD PRODUCTS LAND HIGH QUALITY NUTRACEUTICALS and ENHANCEMENT OF THE OLIVE TREE BIODIVERSITY. These researchers will provide scientific expertise and advanced tool for the agronomic sector.