TitleNexerg: Energy Industry Marketplace.
Project id.82
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe Nexerg intellectual property rights will be protected by international trademark registration on WIPO standards.
Description of the innovation projectThe Nexerg project will introduce a disruptive innovation in the business relationships among energy industry’s stakeholders, exponentially and globally increasing the free exchange of energy industry's assets and services also collecting and selling big data arising from the free relationship increased.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe Nexerg multi-sided platform will be the first global marketplace directly connecting buyers and sellers operating in any field of the energy industry, allowing the free exchange of: renewable source power plants; traditional source power plants; power plant’s components and services; generation – transmission – distribution – energy companies and related components and services; green – white – black energy certificates; other energy industry's assets and services.
Market segmentThree different customer segments: A) Non-paying customers wishing to sell and/or buy energy industry's assets and services; B) Paying customers wishing to advertise their energy industry's assets and services on the Nexerg marketplace; C) Paying customers wishing to buy big data to monitor the market for energy industry's assets and services.
Advantage factorThe Nexerg project will carry out a new business model based on a multi-sided platform – free of charge and easy to use – which will remove all forms of brokerage and market entry barriers in the business relationships among the energy industry’s stakeholders.
Commercial challengeAs a result of the new multi-sided business model, revenues will be: 1) Null for the This proposal customer segment A; 2) Deriving from advertising for the customer segment B; 3) Deriving from big data sell for the customer segment C. Moreover, the Nexerg project will have a global dimension and will use massively the professional social networks’ digital marketing tools.
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