NameArtémat S.r.l.


Project id.87
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent required for this software
Description of the innovation projectBeatrice is a “Mobile tourist guide" system, based on Semantic Web technologies and Aumented Reality. It is a mobile application that implements a complex indoor/outdoor geolocalization system and enables its administrators to manage and share semantic points of interest (POI), defined in a specific area (map). Semantic POIs describe geographic (indoor/outdoor) places with explicit semantic properties defined on a specific ontology. The POI informations are structured according to a class and sub-class hierarchy in RDF/OWL format. It is a research and development project in collaboration together with the Dept. DIMES of the University of Calabria.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationTouristic sector and cultural heritage
Market segmentTouristic association and organizations, managing authority of cultural heritage institutions, Museum and park (archaeological, memorial park, Public park, theme) others companies that need to offer innovative ways to share information and improve the user experience.
Advantage factorUser-side: Identify points of interest (Indoor/outdoor) using augmented reality and image recognition Retrieve Semantic information about the area of interest in easy way. Ability to plan tours and share feedbacks on the main Social Networks. Administrator-side: Manage semantic and Geolocalization information POI's in easy way. P.O.I. categorization through semantic reasoning. Ability to analyse users feedbacks. Ability to analyse users journey.
Commercial challengeCurrently there is no cross-platform framework which has the same features as Betrice: infer new knowledge on POIs information and the possibility to operate indoor.In addition, smartphones are equipped with sensors to detect the position and the user's movements.
Publications and Customer ReferecesBeatrice is used in different touristic projects in Calabria.