NameArtémat S.r.l.


TitleWeb In Basket
Project id.88
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent required for this software
Description of the innovation projectWeb In Basket is a web based individual role-playing that simulates a specific business scenario. The candidate performs the online assessment test playing the role of a manager and he/she has to make a choice in short time to solve a particular problem like organizing the work, involve employees, make action plan, respond to calls and mail. The aim of this simulation is to analyze how the candidate organizes the information, analyzes the problem solving skill and makes a decision.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe In Basket technique is one of the most used to identify the organizational and managerial skills, both for the purpose of selection and development, defining a detailed profile with the relevant strengths or weaknesses. The digitization of this technique (“Web In Basket”) can represent a big strength for the recruitment and HR sector in terms of time, cost and effectiveness of the assessment activities.
Market segmentThe target market is represented by the large companies that can directly use the new platform in their recruitment and assessment activities (selection hiring process, talent attraction, talent evaluation, etc.) and by the recruitment agencies.
Advantage factorThe Web In Basket platform optimizes time and cost of recruitment process and allows the recruiter to manage a larger number of profiles. The Web In-Basket reproduces exactly an office scenario: the platform allows the recruiter to evaluate the soft skill of the candidate such as: analysis and judgment, management priority, management time, planning, delegation skills and stress management. It is possible to define one or more simulation scenarios depending on the organizational needs.
Commercial challengeCurrently a web-based platform that digitizes the "in-basket" test (or in-tray exercise) does not exist. The commercial challenge is the launch of the Web In Basket platform in the recruitment and HR sector for the assessment activities: it could represent a great innovation in this sector in terms of cost minimization and effectiveness of the HR activities.
Publications and Customer ReferecesThe HR department at Pirelli (Milan) used the Web In Basket platform in a pilot recruitment and assessment project.