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TitleeIMES 3D - IMaging Evolution System 3D
Project id.89
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe software, named eIMES 3D - IMaging Evolution System 3D, has been registred at the SIAE - acronym of Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (Italian Society of Authors and Editors).
Description of the innovation projecteIMES 3D - "Evolution Imaging System 3D" , is a software that supports the oncology medical team by providing facilities for case studies analysis and diagnostic imaging. It has been devoloped by using the "Hub-Spoke" oncology model, within the Calabrian project ReCaTuR. ReCaTuR is a professional network that allows the management, organization and distribution of medical information. The strength of eIMES 3D in facing rare and complex diseases states in allowing the interconnection and integration of data provided by different departments, external structures and research institutes.
State of dev.Product
Industrial application Healthcare industry
Market segment It is a valuable technological support to the medical profession and finds its natural application in tele pathology and tele radiology. The commercial value of eIMES 3D is around Eur 200.000,00. The estimated economic return in the first 3 years of its commercialization is around Eur 2.000.000,00.
Advantage factoreIMES3D allows (i) full control and management of the data by means of artificial intelligence algorithms (ii) advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization by using the WebGL innovative technology (iii) sharing medical data in DICOM format, (iv) distribution of 3D imaging data on different output devices (web, TV, mobile); (v) to query the system through a search of the various case studies, with objective parameters that are logically connected to a "neural network of knowledge".
Commercial challenge The eway with the commercialization of the eIMES3D software enters a new and promising market that is having a rapid expansion also due to a rinnovate sensibility in healthcare problems. The characteristic of the software are innovative and not present, to the best of our knowledge, in other similar commercial products of potential competitors.
Publications and Customer ReferecesReCaTuR -Rare Cancer Network Calabria -"Implementing a software system based sullavisualizzazione of 3D stereoscopic imaging data" - XVIII CONGRESSO NAZIONALE AIOM Roma, 28-30 ottobre 2016 An extended version of the work is under consideration for publication in an international journal