Project id.9
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelNo patent required for this software
Description of the innovation projectAQUIS (Aviation Quality Improvement System) is a non-conformity management system software solution, a WebApplication based on a "Group Work Site" model, completely based on Microsoft Technology. Framekork Net Foundation 4.0 and Windows Sharepoint 4.0 (WSF). The Non Conformities handled by the system are: Material NC, Process Technology and Organizational NC, System NC. The business areas involved, both in design and in using the system, are: Quality, Engineering, Programming, Production. Since the system is completely customizable, adding / removing areas, CN, users, workflows, etc. is extremely simple and enforceable by the user
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationThe target of this solution is Medium/Large Company of Engineering and Production in the Aerospace Industry. Being a modular and web solution, it can also be adopted by an SME, enabling it to compete with top-level companies.
Market segmentAQUIS responds to international standards and allows companies that adopt it to be compliance with the stringent requirements in order to be accredited as first-tier suppliers of the most important international players in the aerospace industry (Bombardier, Boeing, Alenia etc.).
Advantage factorThe treatment of NC is frequently done in a differentiated manner and not integrated within different enterprise systems, with the risk of making dispersive and inefficient the management of non-compliance, as well as impossible a data tracking and analysis.
Commercial challengeAQUIS is a multi company, multi-plant and multi language Web Application that has the peculiarity of involving the whole value chain in the management of nonconformities (NC), from supplier up to customer. Pay per Use or Licencing Business Model
Publications and Customer ReferecesSeal of Excellence from Horizon 2020