NameTecnosys Italia srl


Project id.91
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelRegistered trademark
Description of the innovation projecte-Working® is an application platform made up of several modules, each of them performing a precise task tightly connected to the others, in a perfectly integrated, user-transparent way. By using the most innovative instruments of telematic and computer science, this system can manage the flowing, recording and optical filing of documents, it can optimise the whole organisational and procedural structure of administrative activities, it can offer an efficient public relation service, warrant a safe link to both internal and external structures, and give information to the users in a quick, simple way, via virtual means (web sites, portals, wap, gms, sms services) or real terminals.
State of dev.Product
Industrial applicationService companies, Pubblic companies
Market segment• Central Administration  Presidency Of The Council Of Ministers • Regional, Provincial And Municipal Administrations • Institutions And Enterprises Of Public Housing • Banks And Foundations • Union (Farmers’ Union) • University • Professional Studies • Pmi Project implementation from € 10.000,00 to 500.000,00
Advantage factore-Working®, could provide a new standard in integrated solutions for the management of administrative procedures, the management of the workflow and document repository. e-Working®, the result of experience gained over many years of activity and the most innovative software engineering techniques, is the suite of Enterprise Resources Planning, composed of a series of programs that manage a range of functional areas in a way totally integrated.
Commercial challengeThe above system can be used for any planned work in public boards or firms, after some work personalising. Actually, through work personalising, each office and operator can perform specific functions to carry out a specific task. The system features a deadline utility that deals with urgent cases, so that all those whose deadline is near will be highlighted.
Publications and Customer ReferecesOne of the most interesting example is represented by the Integrated Informative System for Enterprises of Public Housing in Lombardy, for which the Lombardy Region, supported by the Lombardia Informatica SPA, the Bocconi University, the local ALER and other independent consulting company, has selected the platform of Tecnosys Italia S.r.l., among the most common systems engaged in the management of accounting and real estate assets or administrative management.