NamePanoptes srl


TitlemT-Panoptes sistema di ispezione con droni dei campi fotovoltaici
Project id.93
Reference sectorRENEWABLE ENERGY
IP Protection LevelNo patent as yet
Description of the innovation projectmT-Panoptes is an inspection system designed for thermal aerial surveys using small RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). The system is composed by an airborne segment (2 channel device and Electronic Control Unit) and a ground segment (Ground Control Station and the Solar Inspector, its software application) and drives the user from data acquisition to Final Inspection Report generation. mT-Panoptes has been conceived to use small drones to inspect photovoltaic plants, but can be employed in a wider application range (everywhere geo-referenced thermal imagery is needed). mT-Panoptes is at its second release (the first has been sold as pre-series).
State of dev.Model
Industrial applicationPhotovoltaics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Market segment2 main market segments: PV O&M (renewable energy), small drones operators (aerospace). A new system release has been released in 2016 September. Sales estimates for the fourth quarter of this year are of not less than 10 units with a total revenue of about 150 k€.
Advantage factorNon destructive testing with small drones is a growing practice. Aerial thermography applied to photovoltaic plants is now widespread but really targeted solutions still do not exist. mT- Panoptes includes in the same product a data acquisition system, data management and processing tools an the capability to generate a final inspection report.
Commercial challengeIP protection is based on the company know-how. Within the next year, a new system, focused on the High Voltage Power-lines will be released.
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