NameBiotecnomed scarl


Project id.96
Reference sectorNEW MATERIALS
IP Protection LevelPatent number: 102016000036717
Description of the innovation projectPot-toP aims to overcome limitations of the conventional gardening solutions. The common garden pots are open on the top to facilitate irrigation and supply of necessary materials. They also have a base with holes to drain the excessive water. However these containers present problems when left outdoor: in case of heavy rains they fail to drain excess water. At the same time, on sunny days, not all plants can be exposed without protection. Pot-toP overcomes these limitations with a special non-invasive closing mechanism which is easy to install and to remove. Combining ergonomics and aesthetics, it ensures to the plants the necessary for the survival, adequate ventilation and sun exposure.
State of dev.Patent
Industrial applicationAgribusiness is Pot-toP area of application
Market segment Gardening and DIY are target markets
Advantage factorGarden pots present limitations if placed in outdoors areas. In presence of unfavorable weather conditions such as 1) excessive rain or 2) excessive sun exposure , they expose plants to some problems. In 1), pots have difficulty to drain excess water through the hole on the bottom. In 2), pots are not able to isolate the soil and water tends to evaporate quickly. Pot-toP overcomes problems related to these particular climatic conditions.
Commercial challenge The invention aims to be an innovative product mainly in the large distribution (i.e. hypermarkets) and in specialized seller in the gardening and DIY sectors.
Publications and Customer ReferecesNo publications are actually availables