TitleTHT - Talent Hunter Technology
Project id.98
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelScientific documentation
Description of the innovation projectTalent Hunter Technology (THT) is an advanced platform for recruitment and task assessment that integrates the main techniques of role profiling (with respect to both soft skills and hard skills) with the state of the art technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. By means of an integrated information system that supports the management of recruitment processes within a company, it allows to filter large dataset of CVs, according to specific intended profiles. THT results in an e-recruitment integrated platform that applies innovative techniques of semantic processing for filtering such large datasets, and intended profiles can easily be defined and customized by the HRs (previous work experiences, areas of interest, education, etc.). The THT platform provides an overall evaluation of candidates and rates them, thus significantly helping at finding and recruiting perfect talents.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationICT
Market segmente-recruitment, human resources management
Advantage factorThe Talent Hunter Technology (THT) platform is conceived in order to optimize time and cost of recruitment processes. It allows to manage a large number of profiles and helps the HRs to precisely define different best performer profiles. By combining Artificial Intelligence techniques with a proper Knowledge Representation framework, the THT platform takes advantage from a semantic approach to the e-recruitment processes, offering an innovative business solution and a flexible environment for managing all the tasks related to the evaluation of candidates, from pre-selection to screening and selection stages. The ranking is obtained by properly mixing results originated from a compared analysis of hard skills (derived by CVs and tests) and soft skills (enriched by information gathered from social networks).
Commercial challengeTalent Hunter Technology (THT) is an innovative platform for selecting talents that makes use of a semantic-driven approach that integrates the most important recruitment process models: • screening questionnaires to detect the hard and soft skills of candidates; • semantic search engine for evaluating different aspects of a candidates; • social network integration. In particular, the THT framework is capable of enhancing the quantity as well as the quality of information derived by the analysis of candidate profiles, using semantic techniques for filtering noise in data. The solution provides a multidimensional classification of profiles and allows the HRs to easily manage and customize the desired profiles by specifying the matching criteria and assigning the related weight to each of them.
Publications and Customer ReferecesOntology-driven Information Extraction Weronika T. Adrian, Nicola Leone, Marco Manna