NameS.C.I. S.R.L.


Project id.99
Reference sectorICT
IP Protection LevelThe project is currently being implemented, the patent will be recorded when the project will be completed.
Description of the innovation projectPRICE Plus is a model designed to evaluate the costs of constructions. It is aimed at uncovering the congruities and/or the possible technical‐economic incongruities of the tender project, for a correct assessment of its feasibility. Price Plus main objectives are to give a contribute to: the growth and consolidation of the Institutional Capacities; an efficient preliminary check of the Country's cost budget; the simplification of the infrastructural process thanks to an implemented management of the public works within the construction industry; avoid over and underestimates of the works; minimize the loss of economic resources; support the socio‐economic development f the Country.
State of dev.Prototype
Industrial applicationContract and public works sector
Market segmentPublic administration as stakeholders, Companies, Professionals and Providers. The commercial value of "PRICE Plus Project" is estimated at about € 2,500,000 for each project. The earning is about 45%.
Advantage factorThe ability to estimate the works’ congruous costs allows: a greater awareness of the final cost to bear; a greater understanding of the development potentialities in all the different areas of the Country with a possible reduction of Regional disparities; the possibility of investing on welfare sectors (e.g. social housing, etc..); a higher employment in the construction industry.
Commercial challengeIn the world market it was conducted a freedom operating analisys from which it emerged that there are no direct competitors. Therefore, the realization of the project and its marketing will increase the company's value through the grant of licenses.
Publications and Customer ReferecesIt is currently being finalized the contract with Road Infrastructure Agency of Bulgary.